Why Are People Storing Toilet Paper in the Refrigerator?

As far back as I can remember, there has always been a box of baking soda in our refrigerator.  You know the one.  Big orange box, always partially open in the way back area of the fridge.  The one that is never used to actually cook with, but just sits there.


The reason behind that box is simple.  It keeps moisture and odors at bay from contamination on other foods.  Easy stuff.  But what if you run out of that?

Have You Ever Heard of This Hack for Your Refrigerator?

Toilet paper in your fridge?  Say what?  But apparently, yes, this will work for you.  Kinda, sort of according to Reader's Digest.

The idea behind this is pretty new, although there have been references to it as far back as 2015, it's only recently that Tik Tok and Instagram have grabbed hold and run with it.  The toilet paper works, supposedly, just like baking soda.  Absorbing moisture and odors from your refrigerator.

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Ok, Ok.  Toilet Paper in the Fridge.  But Does It Work?

Several influencers and websites commented on it, and overall, they all seemed to agree about this hack:

Yes—to a point. While TP will absorb odors, other options are more efficient, take up less space and generate fewer odd looks from houseguests.

That whole houseguest thing is probably the biggest deterrent in using this method.  Moreover, the article never states whether or not you can use the toilet paper for the intended use afterwards.  Not sure using something that smells like last night's dinner is going to work.


What about you?  Have you done this with toilet paper before?  Let us know via the comments of our social media, through our app chat feature or you can email us here.

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