Today's fast times require a lot more "on the fly" type stuff it seems.  Having to be constantly connected to your phone to stay in touch with work or family is a constant.  Running from here to there is always keeping you from stopping and enjoying some of the easier daily activities.  Like eating.  Have you found yourself crunched for time at one point in the day, so you need to stuff your face while driving across town?

What Are Those Best Foods to Eat While Driving?

A new article by The Takeout pontificated that very question.  The answers sort of baffled me.  I admit, I am not a messy food eater.  The less that drips onto my face or fingers the better.  So, what were they?  Let's check those 5 that are the best to eat while navigating the public roadways.

  1. French Fries - Well, yeah.  These are the easiest to dig out of the bag and load up on.  You only need to worry about the grease and salt all over your steering wheel.
  2. Soft Serve in a Cup - Well, no.  I'm not sure how you are supposed to be able to operate a spoon, cup and worry about the guy that didn't signal his turn.
  3. Smash Burgers - I can let this fly, as long as it isn't loaded with a bunch of the condiments.  Having mustard or ketchup fall in my lap does not make for a good trip across the city.  Also, what about a regular burger?  Do they count?
  4. Sandwich Not Loaded with Condiments - See my above comment.  If it isn't falling onto my seat and the floorboards, I can make it work.
  5. Slice of Pizza - I am normally a delivery guy for pizza, but this makes sense since you can fold it.  But again, it can get a little messy if it is supreme.

The Other Side of the Paper Plate - What Not to Choose

As mentioned, I am not a messy food lover.  So many of these were right up my alley.  Except for two of the answers.  Which ones?  Let's check that list again for the worst foods to eat while driving:

  1. Ice Cream Cones - Yes!  Nothing like having sticky ice cream rolling down your hand as you try to hit the blinker or grab the gear shift.  There just aren't enough napkins to make this comfortable for me.
  2. Tacos - Yes.  The only way this may work is if it is a soft-shell type taco.  Otherwise, you know the majority of that thing is ending up in the seat and on the floor of your ride.
  3. Salad - Another firm yes.  Whether it is the lettuce falling off, a chunk of meat looking to jump for it from a fork or salad dressing collecting on your shirt, this is going to end up bad.
  4. Chips - No!  A very firm no.  How can you say a French fry is ok, but not a potato chip?  You only need to worry about what is on your fingers.  Easy to grab from a bag, how did this get on the list?
  5. Doughnuts - Again, no.  Well, wait.  If they have a bunch of things on them, or maybe a jelly filled type, then yes.  Or maybe powdered.  Those can get messy.

What Is Your Go to When It Comes to Eating in Your Vehicle?

What is your favorite food to enjoy while driving?  Let us know in the comments of our social media or you can email me here.

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