A New Drive Thru Ordering Experience in Great Falls

It has happened to many of us, or maybe even dare I say all of us at some point when ordering our food at a drive thru.  They hand us our bag, we drive off, only to find out once we arrive at home that the order isn't what you wanted.


There is even a famous scene and line from the Lethal Weapon movies, with actor Joe Pesci emphatically stating that "they screw you at the drive thru".  Classic stuff.  Until it happens to you.

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Adding AI Technology to Help with Your Order Is Coming

A recent article from Nation's Restaurant News says that the fast-food chain Wendy's has been testing AI technology at certain locations for the past year.  With encouraging results from those, the company is now ready to expand across the country with Wendy's FreshAI, which understands casual dialect.

The company says that the technology is able to personalize each order, speeding up wait times, and had a 99% accuracy rate.  Are you kidding me?

Will Great Falls Be on the Cutting Edge of This New Technology?

While it would be wonderful to give this a try, it may take some time to arrive in our city.  The company plans to expand more in 2024 with the AI, but it is also up to the franchisee of the business in that location to determine whether or not it is implemented.

Despite the positive showings from the test locations, Wendy's stated:

it will not deploy too widely too quickly and adds that it is still in the early stages of iterating the system. The company also said it plans to expand Wendy’s FreshAI to new channels, including the company’s app, in-restaurant kiosks, mobile devices, smart home devices and more.

Will you be using this new technology once we have it in Great Falls?  How accurate do you think it will be?  As good as stated, or will we be back to that famous line again?

They screwed me at the drive thru.

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