Popular Fan Favorite Absent at State Fair This Year

The food at our Montana State Fair in Great Falls is one of the main reasons that I love when that time comes.  And even though some of those favorites have come and gone over the years, one has remained a constant.  Until now.


More than likely at one point in time, you have enjoyed a Viking at the State Fair.  Spiced meat molded into a ball and then deep-fried to delicious golden brown and served up with ketchup or mustard.  But not this year.

Updating Of Equipment at the Heart of the Matter in Great Falls

In a social media post, the Sons of Norway Lodsen Lodge announced that due to new requirements regarding fire suppression systems, they wouldn't be able to be ready in time for the fair this year.

The Lodge stated:

"New regulations require anyone using a deep fat fryer must have an automatic fire suppression system installed for the safety and welfare of all who would be working in the booth. After a lot of worry, searching, talking, pleading and effort, we were unable to attain a fire suppression system and get it installed and inspected in time for the Montana State Fair."

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Sad news indeed.  Not being able to enjoy one of these at the fair this year will definitely be a bummer.  However, the Lodge did state that they would be ready to roll for the 2025 State Fair.

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Social Media Keyboard Warriors Get Fired Up About the Blame

After the information was released to the public, many people took to social media to express their disappointment, and also take to task the folks behind the Fair and city officials.


For those people, I would remind you that the regulations in question are not Montana State Fair regulations.  Nor are they regulations specifically put forth by city or county officials.  They aren't above and beyond regulations by our fire department either.

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These are state regulations, originally set to be adopted in 2018, the state of Montana updated its fire laws during the 2023 session.  Fire departments across the state followed those new laws, implementing them towards the end of the 2023 year.  So, this isn't a new law by any means.


In short, if you are one of the keyboard warriors that are blaming our State Fair board and management, the city, county or our local fire departments, you are barking up the wrong tree.  Take it up with the state.

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