10 Simple Ideas to Enjoy an Inexpensive Weekend in Montana

Have you been trying to plan your vacation for the summer recently?  Or maybe just trying to find a weekend getaway to enjoy with family?  Has the sticker price of doing an activity shocked you?


Music festivals, amusement parks or even just trying to barbeque in your backyard can cost you big time.  But there are ways that you can still enjoy the outdoors and activities across Montana without having to have a 3rd job.

How To Impress but Not Go Broke in a Montana Summer

To save a few dollars, you don't have to go all out to impress, yet still make a fun day of it.  According to Entrepreneur Magazine, finding a way to impress your date isn't hard, nor expensive.


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In Montana, many of the top 10 were extremely easy to accomplish, although we may need to travel a little further to enjoy specific ones listed.  For instance, going on a hike.  River's Edge Trail is available, but for mountainous adventures, it takes a little driving.

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Do You Have Your Own Money Saving Fun Weekends to Share

What ideas are you tossing around that don't break the bank?  Where are you headed to enjoy the summer but not have to get a second mortgage?

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Check out the top 10 gallery below of the best ways to save some cash but still have fun.  Then let us know what your plans for saving cash and having a blast are by using the app chat feature or you can email us here.

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