Half a dozen Montana small towns are receiving high marks for lovers.

An online publication called New York Travel Guides put together a list of the 140 most romantic small towns in the country, and six Treasure State locations made the cut.

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To unveil the 140 most romantic small towns in America, New York Travel Guides meticulously assessed 600 popular small towns based on the following four categories:

Romantic Places to Stay (25%)

They quantified the number of romantic accommodations in each small town, which includes lodgings offering scenic views, luxurious hotels, and charming bed and breakfasts.

Romantic Activities (45%)

They determined this score by assessing the availability of various romantic activities in each small town, encompassing spas, horse-drawn carriages, sleigh rides, movie theaters, performing arts venues, art galleries, and ski areas.

Historic Architecture and Scenery (15%)

This metric was calculated based on the number of listings on the National Register of Historic Places, coupled with the overall visual appeal, like mountain and lake views, of each small town.

Cozy Coffee Shops and Restaurants (15%)

The score for this category was computed by examining the presence of well-reputed coffee shops and fine-dining restaurants in each small town, as indicated by customer reviews.

The New York Travel Guides sourced their data from a variety of sources, including the National Register of Historic Places, Booking.com, Yelp, Google Search, and Google Maps.

Most Romantic Towns In Montana

Whitefish was tops for Montana at 13, followed by Big Sky at 34, Libby at 80, and Livingston at 82. Hamilton and Butte also made the cut with rankings of 120 and 121, respectively.

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