Hold on to your hats; talk about some crazy strong wind on Tuesday!

I know for Great Falls, the wind wasn't too crazy, but man, was it brisk.

Wind Gusts In Montana October 17th 2023

October 17th 2023 wind gusts
National Weather Service

I will say that compared to other years, the wind hasn't been as bad overall in 2023.

I could get into the nitty-gritty meteorological details of why, but it would likely bore everyone to tears haha. 

How about the tumbleweeds? Check Out The Video Below! 👇

No matter where you live, the tumbleweeds seem to invade.

We caught a few in our front yard, but nothing like on the north side of Great Falls.

I'm sure you've seen the videos floating around, but if not, here's one from Darrin Schreder Photography and Design that was shared with the Great Falls National Weather Service Office.

Keep Scrolling For The Video👇

Seriously though, how does one even go about removing all those tumbleweeds?

Although highly illegal, I feel like a massive bonfire might be a fitting solution.

Obviously, once the wind finally dies down. 

Would a wood chipper be too aggressive?  

I got to thinking: what conditions cause such epic tumbleweed growth?

  1. Dry Climate: Tumbleweeds thrive in areas with low rainfall and high evaporation rates. They are well adapted to arid conditions, and their growth is often stimulated by drought.
  2. Full Sunlight: Tumbleweeds require plenty of sunlight to grow. They are well-suited to open, sunny areas where they can receive the maximum amount of sunlight.
  3. Well-Drained Soil: Tumbleweeds prefer sandy or loamy soils that are well-drained. They do not do well in waterlogged or clayey soils.
  4. Disturbed Soil: Tumbleweeds often grow in areas with disturbed soils, such as roadsides, construction sites, or agricultural fields. Their seeds are well-suited to germinate in areas with exposed soil and minimal competition from other plants.
  5. Limited Competition: Tumbleweeds are strong competitors when it comes to resource utilization. They often grow best in areas where they face limited competition from other plant species.
  6. Mild Winters: While tumbleweeds are adapted to harsh conditions, they typically grow during the warmer months of the year when temperatures are more favorable. Cold winters can inhibit their growth.

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