With more programming being added to streaming platforms, you have to ask yourself, what is the point of traditional television?

After all, you can still get your local channels, news, weather, sports, and often more than you would through broadcast television.

With that said, the numbers show traditional TV viewership is dropping rapidly, hitting a new low.

In July, linear TV accounted for less than half of total viewing, with broadcast and cable each at record lows of 49.6%.

Meanwhile, streaming services like Netflix and YouTube surged to a record high of 38.7%.

Broadcast viewership dipped 3.6% in July, comprising 20% of all TV watching, while cable dropped 2.9%, making up 29.6%.

Compared to last year, broadcast fell 5.4%, and cable plummeted 12.5%.

However, streaming soared 25.3% year over year in July, led by YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

YouTube claimed 9.2%, followed by Netflix (8.5%) and Hulu (3.6%).

Notably, acquired TV series, like Netflix's "Suits" and Disney+'s "Bluey," boosted streaming.

These findings mark a turning point for both viewers and the industry.

Entertainment giants are investing billions in streaming to ensure their future, with Disney raising Disney+ and Hulu prices.

Despite streaming's dominance, some providers are raising fees to bolster profits.

Disney+ and Hulu are both increasing prices, with Disney+ becoming twice as expensive as its debut.

Other platforms like Max, Paramount+, and Peacock are following suit.

What bothers me the most is the introduction of commercials.

I get it; commercials pay the bills and add to the revenues of streaming services; however, it seems to be getting borderline excessive.

It will be interesting to see where programming goes as technology evolves.

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