In a recent surprise move, singer Maren Morris announced that she would be leaving the country music industry and genre for something else.

What?  You didn't know?

See, that's my point.  Even after a huge online announcement and several interviews later, do we really even care when a celebrity makes this sort of statement?  Personally, it sounds like grasping for straws to stay relevant to pop culture, or just relevant at all.

Feeling Those 15 Minutes of Fame Slipping Through Your Fingers

While Morris has been one of the top earners and performers in the country genre, her sophomore album didn't perform as well as many had hoped.  And while popular, her music, in my opinion, was leaning very much to towards the pop side of things.

It seems that Taylor Swift has made a model for some artists to follow, and they are just biding time until it's time to flip.  Basically, get a few hits on country that sound enough like pop music to make a crossover hit possible.  Earn a little credibility, then just bail on whatever got you there.

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Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out of It

After hearing the news break over the weekend, I simply thought, good riddance.  Sure, I am a traditionalist when it comes to the country genre.  I grew up in the midst of Buck Owens, Johnny Paycheck, The Outlaws and more.  Quite frankly Maren, you are severely outclassed when it comes to country.

Did it make a blip on your radar?  Even if you aren't a huge country music fan, many Montana's love hearing it mixed up with some good old rock n' roll.  Will we see more of the artists flipping just to keep making a buck or to stay relevant?  I am thinking yes, it will only be a matter of time.

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