Read The Fine Print Montana - Popular Food App Is Changing

Terms and conditions.  It is on everything you touch anymore.  Whether it is a big purchase like a home or a vehicle, all the way down to the free app that you let your kids play on your tablet or phone.  They are everywhere.


Do you ever actually read what is in those?  Me?  Never.  Well, unless I am buying a house or a car.  But apps?  Pfft.  Never.  But maybe we all should be reading that fine print.

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Do You Even Care When You Click OK On the Link?

Many times, those terms and conditions will never come in to play.  You click the button or sign your name and away you go, never to look back.  However, many times those rules can come back and bite you in the rear if you have a complaint about the business whose app you're using.


According to, one of the most common apps used to buy food has updated the terms and conditions.  In doing so, they have made it more difficult to file a complaint or to try and make good on something you feel is wrong.

This Major Restaurant Is Leading the Way in New Terms and Conditions

McDonalds has just recently updated their terms and conditions in their associated app.  In it, the company has outlined limits on what a consumer can do and how they should do it.  Basically, they are betting that you won't read those rules, and it will limit the right to sue the company.

You don't have to agree to the new language in the app however.  You can choose to not agree.  But it means that the app will no longer work for you.  Until you click the accept button, you are going to be without your Big Mac and fries.

Should they be able to do this?  Do you read through each of these contracts you sign with apps and more?  Let us know in the comments, with our app chat feature or you can email your anwers and thoughts here.

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