Have you ever watched the History Channel Show Pawn StarsRick and the crew see some amazing things that come through the doors of their store in the form of collectibles.  Amazing pieces of history, of lore, of rock n' roll or even a coin.  Collectibles are on the rise in today's times.  One only has to look at sports to see just how ridiculous pricing and bidding can get.  The latest craze has me a little confused, and asking myself what the crew at Pawn Stars would say if someone were to walk in with a piece of it.

The Purple Craze Sweeping the Nation and Ebay Sellers

For some crazy reason, the release of the Grimace Shake at McDonald's has everyone going crazy.  Not just like a Prince song either.  People have been pouring them over themselves, acting like zombies after drinking them and just generally causing havoc any way they can with Grimace.  Now that the promotion has ended, it seems everyone is clamoring for something related to it.  And yes, you guessed it, the price for these objects is through the roof and beyond.

Thousands of Dollars for the Simplest of Items - Will It Ever End?

A quick run through eBay for Grimace items will set you back.  Some people are willing to pay $720 for a stuffed plush toy.  However, before the promotion through McDonald's, those same items were selling for as little as $20.

Those aren't even the crazy ones.  A Grimace milkshake poster is selling currently for just under $13k.  You can purchase a pre-owned Grimace milkshake for $6,969.  Pre-owned?  What does that even mean for a milkshake?

The real killer of all of these is a reseller from Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  For whatever reason, they believe their Grimace toy is worth $39k.  Not $39 dollars.  $39,000 dollars.  Seriously?

Have you ever paid crazy money for something collectible?  What was it?  Do you still have it?  Let us know by emailing us here.

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