Popular German Restaurant Will Soon Be Closing In Great Falls

On Sunday, February 11th, 2024 some sad news came across the KellerGeist Facebook page:

Sadly, we are closing our Restaurant Business on Sunday 18th February to focus 100% on our original Pub Theater plans on Central Ave. This week you will have the last opportunity to find authentic German food in Montana, so don’t miss it!

KellerGeist moved into the former Bert and Ernies's location a few years ago while they continued renovations on their original location at 111 Central Ave.

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The Good News

KellerGeist recently reopened in the original location on Central and will continue serving the German beer and craft cocktails we've all grown to know and love.

The building where KellerGeist is located is one of the oldest in Great Falls, it was constructed in the 1880s by German immigrant William Albrecht to serve as a furniture warehouse.

Initially functioning as a furniture store until the 1960s, it later transitioned into an adult theater for approximately two decades before eventually being repurposed as a community theater.

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Curious About The Meaning of KellerGeist?

In an interview with the Electric from 2018, owner Matthias Schalper described the meaning of KellerGeist.

The name, KellerGeist, translates in German to ghost in the basement or cellar, and ghosts can also be known as spirits

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