Police Still Looking for Vandals at Popular Great Falls Park

This is why we can't have nice things people.  All the cliches apply to this one.  One bad apple ruins the bunch, it only takes one, etc.  Pick any of them and they will describe an incident that recently happened in Great Falls.

Now, the Great Falls Police Department is asking for your help in identifying who this culprit or culprits are.

Popular Statue in Great Falls Park Is Vandalized Recently

In November of 2023, a complaint was filed with GFPD regarding the Coach Brady statue at West Bank Park in Great Falls.  Upon investigation, it was reported that the statue had been "severely damaged" by a person or persons.

The statue, which stands near the River's Edge Trail and is valued at nearly $3,000 is a tribute to retired CMR and Great Falls High cross-country coach Branch Brady.  It was installed in 2019.  Police believe the statue was damaged at some point in the overnight of November 3rd, 2023.

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The Statue Has Been Repaired, But Police Still Searching for Culprits

After being repaired by a local welder, the statue was returned in less than a month at the park.  But the Great Falls Police Department is still looking for those responsible for this vandalism.

If you have information regarding this event, you can contact the GFPD using the following methods:

  • Call or text 406-799-8751
  • Logon and report at this website here
  • Private message the GFPD Facebook page here

Tipsters can remain anonymous.  See the full release from social media below.

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