Not All Heros Wear Capes in Great Falls Some Wear Blue

Even when I see stories and statistics each and every day in press releases, or hear about them through various channels, it still sends me into shock.  The realization each and every time that Great Falls has a severe illegal drug problem still makes be step back, almost to say, "not here, that's not my town".

Unfortunately, that just isn't the case in my town.  Your town.  Our town.  But thankfully, we have officers that have chosen to serve our city with the Great Falls Police Department.

Making A Difference in Our City by Saving Lives With GFPD

In a press release through social media, the Great Falls Police Department recently highlighted an officer being able to save a life with Narcan for a reported overdose:

Officer Hattan was dispatched to render aid for a possible overdose. He arrived within 1 minute and 46 seconds and was met by multiple people screaming "we need NARCAN now." Hattan grabbed the NARCAN kit from his patrol car and ran to the person.  Hattan immediately recognized the signs of a possible opioid overdose when he saw the person was unconscious, an off-pale color, and had short, shallow breathing. After Hattan administered two doses of NARCAN, the person began to breathe normally.

Great Falls Fire Reserve arrived on the scene immediately afterwards to continue medical assistance, but after a brief interview, the patient refused further medical care and left the scene.

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GFPD Offers Statement on Further Details of Incident

In the release, the GFPD stated:

Hattan learned the person had been clean of drugs for a year. The person told Hattan when they all went outside to smoke a cigarette, someone handed them a cigarette like object that had a bluish powder in it, and they smoked it. The next thing they recall is being woken up by emergency personnel.

Is this really the point we have reached in Great Falls?  That we can't even accept something from someone without this possibility?  I get it, smoking is bad for you.  But this is unacceptable in my town.  Your town.  Our town.

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