It doesn't take much perusing of any news outlet, whether online or through your tv or radio, to realize that crime is a problem in Great Falls.  But that goes for every other city across the county, state and the nation.  We aren't special that way.  Crime statistics for the Electric City can send you into a shock realizing that perhaps we really aren't the small-town America that we think we are.

Making A Difference in Great Falls and Cascade County with a Phone Call

Again, if you happen to click on the local news, visit a post office, register your vehicle, or catch it in your socials, you have probably seen the Great Falls/Cascade County Crime Stoppers List of Most Wanted.  Featuring criminals that the county and city would like to see off the streets, these are people that may have gone into hiding to steer clear of the law.  Without your help, these criminals will continue to do what they do.  Criminal stuff.  Nobody wants that.

Who is on that list?  Can't find it?  It's right here for you for the month of July:

Making A Difference and Reporting Crime in the City of Great Falls

Have a tip?  Crimestoppers offers 3 different ways to report crime or tips to them.  Chose from either reporting via the phone, online or even with the new app feature from them.  You can find them on Facebook here.

Great Falls Cascade County Crimestoppers Facebook
Great Falls Cascade County Crimestoppers Facebook
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