A Montana man has been charged with two felony counts of sexual abuse of children following the discovery of child sexual abuse material on his cell phone.

Edmund Davis, 36, was apprehended in Chinook, Montana, by agents from the Montana Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation and the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department.

In July, the Havre Police Department executed a search warrant at Davis’s apartment after learning that a missing Arizona teenager, who disappeared from Glendale at age 14 in 2019, was living there.

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During the search, officers observed Davis attempting to dispose of a cellphone, which was later confirmed to contain dozens of images of suspected child sexual abuse material.

The Charges

The first count, involving the possession of electronic communication images of children under 12 years engaged in sexual conduct, carries a possible 100-year prison sentence, with 25 years not eligible for suspension or deferral.

The second count for child abuse can result in a life sentence, with a minimum four-year term.

Child sexual abuse material is defined by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as any visual material that documents the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

Davis is held at the Hill County Detention Center on a $1 million bond as State District Court Judge Kaydee Snipes Ruiz ordered.

Assistant Attorney General Dan Guzynski is prosecuting the case, with investigations conducted by the Havre Police Department, Glendale Police Department, and the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation.

To read the charging documents, Click Here. 

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