In a significant development for Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana Senators, Jon Tester and Steve Daines, announced on February 21st that the base would soon welcome its first MH-139 Grey Wolf helicopter.

This new addition marks a crucial step in modernizing the base's fleet.

Replacing the Aging Huey Fleet

The MH-139 Grey Wolf helicopters are poised to replace the decades-old Vietnam-era Huey fleet currently in service at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

This transition represents a substantial upgrade in both technology and capabilities for the base.

Deployment Schedule

Malmstrom Air Force Base is scheduled to receive a total of seven MH-139 Grey Wolf helicopters within the year, with plans for additional deliveries in the future.

The first of these helicopters is expected to arrive at the base in March, marking the beginning of a new era in air operations for Malmstrom.

Significance for Malmstrom

The arrival of the MH-139 Grey Wolf helicopters holds particular significance for Malmstrom Air Force Base, as it positions the base as the first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) base to receive these advanced aircraft.

This designation underscores Malmstrom's strategic importance and reaffirms its commitment to maintaining cutting-edge capabilities.

Senator Jon Tester's Statement

The airmen and women at Malmstrom play a critical role in our national defense strategy and should have the best possible tools to keep Montana and our nation safe. That’s why I’ve fought for years to replace Malmstrom’s Vietnam-era fleet of helicopters with new MH-139 Grey Wolves that are more reliable, safe, and efficient. I’m proud to have worked with the Air Force to deliver these aircraft so that our airmen and women have the certainty they need to do their jobs and protect our country.

Senator Steve Daines Statement

Montana has the best airmen and facilities in the country and the Grey Wolf will be right at home at Malmstrom. I was proud to start advocating for the replacement of the Vietnam-era Huey’s back in 2020 and am grateful to see these efforts finally come to fruition

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