And that's a wrap.

Last week I did it again. I managed to get another beautiful Fall float in, not bad for the end of October.  But what now?  In 2014 my girlfriend and I made a goal to float the Missouri every month for a year.  We did it!  Since then, I think I have maybe missed a month or two, here and there, but I am pretty consistent when it comes to kayaking.

Time to plan for Missouri River adventures for Spring of 2023. And I have a doozey planned. Well, this has been on my mind for a few years, but never committed, and I think the time has come to fill you in, ultimately to keep me accountable.

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I want to float the entire Missouri River in Montana. I know this is actually a "thing," and a huge "thing" for some extreme kayakers, not only floating the length of the Missouri, but kayaking into the Gulf of Mexico. It's a "thing" and this "thing" was most recently done by a fellow Montanan Amanda Hoenes.

Amanda is originally from Bozeman, currently lives in Wisconsin, and completed her journey in 6 months.  Amanda launched from Three Forks Montana July 11, 2021.  January 18, 2022 was the day she reached the Gulf of Mexico after traveling 3,600 miles.  Amanda traveled with her 4-legged companion, Hank.   Click here to read more about Amanda's journey.

For me, baby steps. I also want to point out that I am focusing on floating the Missouri River, and not the Reservoirs. steps.  Montana's Missouri River portion is about 725 miles with the reservoirs.

I was able to get a section of the Missouri checked off my "to do list" over the Summer and when I looked at what I have already done and what needs to be done, I think this is doable. Plus, I'm not getting any younger.

Basically, I just figured out a Winter project for myself and now that I have posted this to the internet, I better get busy. So, stay tuned for more stories to come on what parts of the Missouri I have already floated, and what parts of the Missouri I have not floated.... yet. Let's call this "My Montana Missouri River Mission."

Now let's get it done!

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