My Gen Z Montana Upbringing Now Means Losing My Heros

It will happen with each generation that comes along.  The realization that you are getting old.  And lately, at least for me, it seems that Gen Z is on the list already for 2024.


My heroes are leaving me.  The heroes that kept me company growing up a single child on a ranch.  The comfort of them when moving away from home and not knowing anyone in college.  The heroes that made one liner zingers a main staple of my sarcasm.

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Big Muscles on the Big Screen for Generations in Montana

Just this past weekend, another of my childhood heroes had their final scene in life.  After bringing big muscles from the NFL to the big screen for us, Carl Weathers passed at the age of 76.


Sylvester Stallone would bring us the man that we as Gen Z would first loathe, but then come to love in Rocky and the 3 follow ups that Weathers would be a part of.  But I would continue to love him in the years that followed even more.

Hey Montana Gen Z Folks, It's Only Get to Get Worse

As my action hero hunger continued to my teens and beyond, enjoying Weathers was again a major part of it.  With Predator and Action Jackson, he continued to kick bad guy rear with ease.  He made himself even more lovable by teaming with Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore, plus endeared his persona to even more generations by guest appearing on the Disney+ series The Mandalorian.


My heroes are leaving me.  And I am not happy about it.  What about you?  Has there been a celebrity that has passed recently that was a major part of your youth and beyond?

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