More Convenience Upgrades Coming to Box Stores in Montana

I am all for more convenience when it comes to my shopping.  Get in, get out and be done.  No need to wander around and "shop", I know what I want, I grab it and leave.

And while some of those conveniences are just starting to pop up in our local stores here in Great Falls with a recent announcement, it looks like there is another improvement of sorts that are coming to our local box stores.

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Changes Abound for Walmart and Sam's Club Soon

Upgrades at Walmart and Sam's Club have been noticeable at our stores.  Being able to see better down the aisles, new changing rooms and restroom upgrades, these are all great for any shopper.

Now, these two shopping giants have announced another big upgrade coming, although I'm not sure about the viability of it in Montana, just yet.

You Will Soon Be Able to Charge and Shop All Together

While the proliferation of electric vehicles is definitely starting to be seen across Montana, I'm not sure that we are fully in need of these upgrades as of yet.  But, these two box stores are going to make it happen, not only in Montana, but across the country by 2030.

Electric vehicle charging stations will now be seen at Walmart and Sam's club locations.  In a new press release, details were as follows:

With a store or club located within 10 miles of approximately 90% of Americans, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a convenient charging option that will help make EV ownership possible whether people live in rural, suburban, or urban areas.

Will it make a difference here in Montana about how many of the EV style cars or trucks will be on our roadways?  Time will tell for this one, but it could be the next coming common thing in our parking areas.

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