Card Playing a Long Tradition in My Upbringing in Montana

It might just be a Montana thing, but it seems like playing cards are a part of every person's upbringing here.  How many of us learned to count via a cribbage board at our grandparent's house?  Or used it to teach our own offspring?


Or maybe you spent time playing cards with friends during basketball games, at lunch time, or even still enjoy heading out to test your mettle against others in the game of poker.  If that is you, time to get your bluff on.

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The Rough Rider Poker Tour in Montana and the Dakota's

The premiere poker tour across Montana, North and South Dakota is the Rough Rider Poker Tour.  Offering tournaments throughout the year and a points system for ranking of players in the states.


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This year, that tour will be making a stop in Billings, Montana to find the best player the state has.  The payouts for this tournament are some of the largest that you will see through the year.

Estimated $200k in Money Up for Grabs This Spring in Montana

To be held at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center, the Montana State Poker Championships are April 12-14, 2024.  The bracelet event is a $625 buy in, with an estimated $200,000 in money up for grabs and points for Montana player of the year.

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Think your bluff game is up to the task?  You can find out more at the Rough Rider Poker Tour webpage or on their social media here.

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