Montana Might Actually Get Some Snow This Weekend

It's not everyday that you'll find me cheering for snow, but since it's been nonexistent this year, I'm more than ready!

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Snow Statistics
Great Falls National Weather Service

As we head into the weekend, an upper-level trough is set to gradually form over the northern Rockies, heralding a shift in weather patterns.

This change will usher in colder air from Canada, impacting North Central and Southwest MT regions.

However, areas with limited snow cover might not experience as drastic a temperature drop in lower elevation spots.

Temperature Trends and Snowfall Expectations

Temperatures are forecasted to dip below average as the upcoming week unfolds.

Snowfall predictions have been adjusted slightly in the latest forecast models, indicating decreased chances of snow at lower elevations over the weekend.

Presently, the likelihood of experiencing an inch of snowfall in these areas stands at only 20 percent.

Snowfall Projections Across Elevations

Mountainous regions maintain a nearly 70 percent probability of snowfall, with Glacier Park showing slightly higher chances.

Forecasts suggest snowfall between 1 to 3 inches across most mountain ranges, excluding Glacier Park, where expectations hover at 5 to 10 inches for this upcoming weekend.

Impact on Lower Elevations and Mountainous Areas

For lower elevations, the anticipated snowfall this weekend seems relatively insignificant.

Passing snow showers may accumulate around half to an inch, potentially causing occasional road slipperiness.

However, significant travel disruptions are not expected in these areas.

In contrast, the mountainous terrain, especially around Glacier Park, might intermittently necessitate a winter weather advisory throughout the weekend.

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