Montana Mascot Mania - Do You Know the River Otters?

Besides my school, I think the first real mascot I remember was the San Diego Chicken.  Famous in the 1970's and 1980's, he made appearances across the country, even making it to the Electric City.


Mascots can be the lifeblood of a team.  We all love cheering on our beloved Bobcats, Grizzlies, Argo's and more.  Now, we have the opportunity to cheer for another in Montana.

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What School Has Announced This New Mascot in Great Falls?

In Great Falls, we have a multitude of mascots to cheer for in various programs through the city.  From professional sports like baseball and Orbit, to local high schools with Bison and Rustlers.  Now it is time to cheer for the River Otters of the Electric City.

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Recently it was announced that the Great Falls College Montana State University has chosen the river otter to be their mascot.  In making the choice, the college stated that "River Otters are tough, feisty characters who persevere in sometimes harsh conditions to thrive. They also look out and care for one another, so they are the perfect representative of our amazing campus community. Plus, they are cute!"

Selection Brings on Questions About New Teams in Great Falls

With the new mascot, Great Falls College MSU has had some interesting questions posed.  According to the release, no, there will not be a new athletic program at the college.  The only team at the school will be The Great Falls College Community Choir.

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The school will offer apparel and other items once the final graphics are done.  The campus added that "the mascot will help us enhance brand identity, build community and school spirit and have some fun."

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