Traveling across the great state of Montana, there is certainly no lack of roadside attractions.  Whether it is a great scenic overlook, one of our great state or national parks, or checking out your favorite campground for the new year, there is never shortage of things to do and to enjoy.  Save for one.  And it's a big one!

Are You A Better Internet Searcher Than Our Writer?

After a recent trip down south, I happened across this amazing aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona called the OdySea Aquarium.  An incredible venue to enjoy everything that has to do with animals in the water.  It also features a bathroom that has sharks swimming in front of you as you wash your hands!  It made me think about Montana and where I could check out some great underwater animals at a local aquarium.  My search did not end well.  Montana does not have an official aquarium, anywhere!  How is this possible?  We have some of the most amazing and beautiful fish in the world swimming in our blue ribbon streams, but no where to show them off?  What?

There Are Imitations, But Not The Real Deal - So What Is The Deal?

While the state offers a virtual boatload of businesses that offer maintenance, set-up of home or professional aquariums and even the fish to stock them, there isn't an actual aquarium in the state.  While fisheries abound, and many personal homes have extensive set-ups, there isn't a general location for one.  Why?  While I can't give you a definitive answer, I do have an idea as to why.  Plain and simple?  The cold.  My thought process is that because of our extreme temps, up and down both ways can cause a pile of problems when it comes to a large amount of water and the animals and plant life that live in it.  Can you imagine what would happen in a severe cold snap with no power?

What about you?  Doesn't Montana need an aquarium?  Or are we just relegated to vacations that we hope we can find one at?  Like, comment and share with our socials or our downloadable app below, or just email me here!

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Feed and Pet Playful Stingrays at Aquarium of Boise

The mission of the Aquarium of Boise boasts over 10,000 square feet with 35,000 gallons of saltwater and over 250 different species of animals and marine life spanning over 38 exhibits. Open Monday – Saturday from 10am – 5pm; Sunday from 12 – 5pm. We had an amazing time.

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