The Giving Aspect Never Ends in Our City of Great Falls, MT

One of the fortunate perks of my job in radio is the opportunity to interview and interact with great groups of people and organizations that benefit our community.  Be it a local church excited about a fundraising event, a school event, a charity or the community food bank, I am always amazed at the giving in our city.

From both the private sector and the business owners, when someone asks, Great Falls responds and goes above and beyond.  Of those endeavors, construction of the High School House is always a hit, and donations make that happen.

Behind The Scenes, Montana Contractors Join Together

There are many advocates for our way of lifestyle across Montana such as the Montana Grain Growers Association or the Montana Cattleman's Association.  The Montana Contractor's Association is also one of the advocates for our way of life and helping the next generation.

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The MCA partners with the MCA Education Fund to offer scholarships for both high school and college students, plus opportunities for financial rewards to help industrial arts instructors.

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Helping Our Students and Teachers Both?  Win-win Every Time

While scholarships for students is wonderful, a shout out to the MCA and Build Montana for offering up to $1500 in financial rewards for instructors.  It is part of that above and beyond that makes our city and state the "Last Best Place".

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MCA Classroom Trades Awareness Awards are open for applications for the 2024/25 period right now.  Awards help with funding projects, programs, events and more.  Applications are available here.

Great Falls High School House- 2023

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