Will This Artist's Unique Style Overtake Yellowstone in Montana?

Let's just get this out of the way right now.  I fell off the fashion train quite a few years ago.  Jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap and tennis shoes are what my entire closet consists of.  Well, that and a collection of golf shirts that only get brought out during the season.


So, when new fashion trends come about, it can be a really small blip for me on the radar.  But in just the last year, in Montana at least, it has been pretty hard to not notice the trends of fashion while out in public.

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Maybe It Is the Influx of Out of State People Moving to Montana

Trends because of celebrities, movies or television shows isn't new.  Think a famous black car with Burt Reynolds behind the wheel, the Kardashians with cosmetics or even Jennifer Aniston and her "Friends" haircut.


Last year, the television show "Yellowstone" brought on a whole new set of attire and accessories for fans to purchase and emulate.  While that one may have died down somewhat, there appears there is another influence happening, again with a western flair.

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Breaking Barriers and Expecting to Break A Few Savings Accounts

If you missed it, pop star Beyonce is set to release a country album entitled "act ii COWBOY CARTER" this month, on March 29th.  With two singles already out, it has made her the first black female artist to top the Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart in the country music genre.

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And while it is yet to be seen the full impact of what Beyonce's foray into the genre will be, there is another impact that is seemingly already making its way into our lives, even if you don't like any of this performer's music.

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The Signs Are Already There in Some Markets with Sales Jumping

As with other stars, Beyonce could cause extra sales of certain items.  Specifically, western apparel sales.  Will that mean more rhinestones, flash and colors coming back into the genre?

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According to Women's Wear Daily and comments from places like the Boot Barn, sales on hats, especially the traditional felt hat as Beyonce has been sporting lately will be the hot sellers.  What do you think?  Will there be a bump in sales and seeing this apparel in Montana?  Let us know in the comments on our social media, with our app chat feature or you can email us here.

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