Look For These Now Before Summer Hits Montana

Spring is rapidly approaching and for many of us in Montana, once the weather starts to warm, we head outside to see how our yards fared over the winter.  It also means starting to clean up and be ready for summer barbeques.

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Before those burgers or hot dogs are done though, you should be checking your yard for something that might not be on your checklist.  I couldn't believe I had one in my own yard, wreaking havoc on my enjoyment of the outdoors.

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The Bane of Every Outdoor Fun Activity You Try to Enjoy

You may be thinking that I am referring to the pesky mosquitos that inundate us over the summer months.  Nope.  These pesky creatures pack a little more oomph when they decide to bite, the hornet, or more common name, yellow jacket.

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If you haven't taken stock in your yard about what is nestling in your trees or lilacs, you could be in for a surprise when summer does arrive, and these guys start flying around your meal table.

Have You Ever Found a Full Nest Like This in Montana?

This past weekend as warmer weather came through, my wife and I started a little of the spring fun in our backyard.  Imagine my dismay as I finally noticed this massive nest in a lilac:


Yes, a full-size hornet condominium in my tree!  Yikes!  Thankfully the residents had moved on, and we were able to cut it out.  Have you found one of these in your yard this year?

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