Wet Weather Might Lead to More of These in Montana

I am not a cold weather person in the least bit.  I hate having to put on several layers just to venture out to get the mail in winter.  That and the fact that in Montana, you really aren't able to get much golf in.


Summer is my happy place for sure.  But one thing I do hate about summer that makes me relish the winter cold are the bugs.  So many bugs.  Including one that might have gotten a bad rap for attacking humans.

These Guys Are Everywhere in Montana and the US

Earwigs, also known as "pincher bugs", are common across all of America.  But no, they don't really seek out a human ear to find a home in.  That folklore is false.  But they will seek out any warmer, moist area around or even in your home.


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Wetter weather through the winter and spring months create the perfect conditions for the earwig, and I am already seeing them in my wife's flower and garden beds.  However, they are actually a benefit to your growing, as much as they are scary to see.

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You Either Love These in the Garden in Montana, Or Squish Them All

They aren't the most glamorous thing to look at, and those pinchers are definitely a little shady, but earwigs are actually good for your garden or flower bed areas.  But only to a point.

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According to The Farmer's Almanac, earwigs can be beneficial to you by primarily feeding on dead or decaying plant and animal matter.  They even will take care of aphids, insect eggs, maggots and army worms.  All of which can be devasting to your areas.


However, the Almanac also states that "when their population gets out of control, they may turn to feast on living plant matter, especially the seedlings or young foliage of vegetables and flowers."  In general, they recommend just leaving them alone.

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