The holiday is almost upon us!  Hear ye!  Hear ye!  The holiday is almost upon us!  With just a few days left to get all that shopping done, it's pretty much crunch time to find what you need to get under the tree in time.  While our store shelves seem to be pretty well stocked, don't go all panic mode and start buying the first thing you find through the front door of the store.

Trust me, the corner gas station may seem like it has a great selection on Christmas Eve, but no, it really doesn't.  At the same time, even the best of places will have, shall we say, "great savings" type of items.  Not great either.  Then there are the stand-by type items and the gifts that really should never be given.  Ever.  No matter the holiday.

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The survey from Fox News had somewhat normal items listed.  What wasn't on that list of the top 10 was not normal though, at least for me.  The age old joke should be coming to your mind at any time.  Have it?  Yes!  That's the one!  Or two in this case.  I mean socks and underwear!  For as much as we all seem to knock those items, how in the world did they not make the list?  I for one welcome my boxer and knee high athletic sock givers!  More and more every single year.  Starting the day with stuff that doesn't have a couple of holes here and there is a bonus.  (Just to be clear, I mean socks, NOT the boxers!)

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So to save you time this year, we put together a gallery from that list to help you not buy those things.  Hit up our gallery below to find out what they are and remember to comment on our socials with your ideas for the Top Ten Least Wanted Gifts!

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Top Ten Least Wanted Christmas Gifts

It's crunch time, but don't get lazy, or cheap! Check the top 10 gifts that are the least wanted with the following gallery!

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