Urgent Warning to Throw Out This Cereal Immediately - But wait!

Somewhere out there someone is using a dry erase board to keep track of all of the recalls that we seem to be having lately.  You know the board I am talking about.


Yep, that's the one!  I would bet that the guy that is keeping track of them is really bored.  Because yet again, another day, another recall to pass along.

These Recalls Are Becoming Ridiculous Across Montana and the Country

At first glance, I was seriously worried about this recall as it could possibly affect my favorite meal of the day.  My cereal break.  But alas, the chocolate was clogging my mind, and I was a tad confused on product line names.


After just going grocery shopping, I see a new recall for chocolate flakes.    I had just bought them and figured, "great, I splurge, and this is what I get for it".  But, the Kellog's Frosted Flakes Chocolate Flavor, the one with the fuzzy tiger, IS NOT being recalled.

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Jumping To Conclusions and Throwing Money Away

The recall itself doesn't affect Montana, nor does it even affect the United States.  In fact, the product isn't even available to us.  Kellog's offers another chocolate flake goodness across the pond in the UK.  Only it is corn flakes, not frosted flakes.  The one with the big rooster instead.


See my mistake?  Careful when you see recalls for food or other products.  An easy way to see if they really do affect you or your family, always check with the Federal Food and Drug Administration website about recall announcements here.

Don't be fooled like me!

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