Keeping furbabies safe is a high priority for any pet owner.  We will go above and beyond for our pets.  We buy them specialty food to help them stay healthy.  Watching what they chew on for toys, rawhides, or we take them to the vet for even the smallest of problems.  We love our pets.  But are we doing everything we can to keep them safe?  What about the backyard where they play?

Finding The Problems in Your Yard - Are They Easy, Simple Problems?

I came across some great tips that I want to pass along from the website House Logic.  While they focus mostly on home improvement for the owners, they also offer great tips for our pets.  Keeping things out of the yard that can cause harm to our pets may seem trivial, but they are important.  Removing items like sharp metal edging or even what you spray your lawn with can affect your pets.

5 Things You Can Change to Help Your Pets in Your Yard

Let's dive in!  Check these 5 things in your yard and see if they are affecting your safety for your pets.

5)  Using gravel, shredded hardwood mulch and wood chips.  Check these to make sure that you aren't using a cocoa mulch, which could contain theobromine.

4)  Create a water feature that will keep your dog cool on hot days.  However, don't make it too difficult for them to be able to get in and out of.

3)  Use organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on your lawn.  Keep away from toxic lawn and plants treatments, these could harm your dog.

2)  Create pathways or routes that your dog is already using.  Trying to redirect your pet from areas that they have claimed can be a hassle.

1)  Edge your planting/flower beds with rock or a taller shrub to protect your posies.  Using a metal-type edging can cut your dog's paws easily.

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