Our newsroom has obtained a video of how things went down about two weeks ago when a man on probation was taken into custody at the Max Sports Bar and Casino on April 30.

The video you will see below shows three police officers trying to arrest and handcuff Jordan Lopez who was the subject identified as allegedly part of a disturbance at the bar.  Police were called to the scene around 11:30 that night.

When they made contact with the suspect he was initially cooperative, but once police realized who he was, a man out on probation for assaulting officers back in 2017, he started to push his way through police and tried to leave.

That's when police grabbed him and the scuffle you will see in the video began.

Still Photo from video
Still Photo from video

In my opinion, there are some important things to notice when you look at this video.

First, the video was taken by either a friend or relative of the suspect, we do not see what led up to the scuffle on the floor.  I think it's important to listen to how the police are treated, some call the female officer a "bitch."  Listen to how the people attempt to tell the police how to do their job and notice that the suspect is apparently resisting most of the time during the incident on the floor.  He later appears to resist again when he is stood up.  I think it's also important to point out that even family and friends tell Lopez to stop resisting.  One other thing that is not pointed out in this video is the fact that Lopez is at a bar.  According to police, he is not supposed to be at any establishment that sells liquor, this is a violation of his release from the state prison.


Lopez-State Prison
Lopez-State Prison

Lopez has already pleaded guilty to a charge in the Great Falls case.

He was sentenced to state prison back in 2018 for assaulting three Great Falls Police Officers.  He was then sentenced again in 2019 for his part in a riot at the Cascade County Jail.

He could be going back to the state prison if a judge decides he violated his probation.

Police say they reviewed the video at three levels in the chain of command and have determined that the officers acted accordingly and within GFPD policy and Montana State Law.  Lopez remains in the county jail today.

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