There are plenty of reasons why anyone should visit Three Forks Montana.  The Lewis & Clark Caverns, Madison Buffalo Jump, Museum of the Rockies, Yellowstone National Park, and even Jim's Horn House.  Three Forks Montana is like the perfect Norman Rockwell painting.

Did you know that people from across the United States come to Three Forks to stay at the Sacajawea Inn to catch a glimpse of one of the Inn's known ghostly residents?

The hotel was built in 1910 by John Q. Adams.  The hotel was built for the passengers on the train crews.  Well John still resides at the hotel.  There have been countless occasions where guests have seen John lurking in guest rooms and hallways.  Paranormal experts say that Mr. Adams ghost is an "active" or "intelligent" spirit.  His spirit knows and interacts with the present.

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There is also a maid ghost that can be seen vanishing into a wall, over and over again.  Where there is a wall today, there used to be a linen closet.  The maid is what some ghost hunters would call a "residual" haunting.  She is not aware of present time and have a tendency to appear over and over again, even when nobody is there watching.

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Sometimes there is an elderly gentleman apparition near the staircase, and some say that a madam from down the street still visits the hotel in search of new clients.

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I loved this hotel.  The staff was hands down amazing.  The hotel is beautiful.  The rooms were perfect.  Although I didn't get to dine at the hotel, I hear it is nothing short of wonderful.

As for my experience with this being a haunted hotel.  I never saw or felt anything out of the ordinary.  But I was able to chat a little bit with the gentleman who checked me in, which was pretty late in the evening.  He has been working at the hotel for 13 years.  When I ask if he had any ghost stories to pass along, he only responded with "if you want to sleep tonight, don't ask."

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