This Garfield Collection Worth $2500 Is On Facebook Marketplace

I look through the Facebook Marketplace on a daily basis, because you never know what kind of deal you'll find there.

Needless to say, I was not prepared for the listing that I came across last night.

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a man looking at a cellphone can't believe what he is seeing

The Collection Has Over 200 Pieces Of Garfield Memorabilia

I've seen some unique items for sale, but this one is honestly one of the most unique.

I know Garfield was pretty popular, but I would have never thought the cartoon was popular enough to have a collection that totaled approximately 230 pieces of memorabilia.

I want you to know that I'm not making fun of this collection; I'm honestly impressed by it.

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A listing on facebook marketplace for a garfield collection worth $2500 in Great Falls Montana
Judy Finley via Facebook Marketplace

There Are So Many Fun Pieces In This Garfield Collection

Judy Finley is the one who is selling this collection. Now I don't know if it is her collection, if she inherited it, or perhaps she is just selling it to someone less tech-savvy.

What I do know is that I want to help her sell this collection to a Garfield fan.

We've got a gallery below of just a few of the items she's got for sale, so I'm hoping this reaches someone out there, whether in Great Falls or across Montana, who is ready to own this amazing collection.

If you know someone who is a Garfield fan, make sure to share this article with them, and we'll help Judy get this collection into the hands of a Garfield lover.

Look At This $2500 Garfield Collection For Sale In Great Falls

Judy Finely in Great Falls is selling a Garfield Collection worth $2,500 with 230 pieces in it. See a few of the items for sale in the images below.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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