Ninety years ago, on December 26th, 1933, the foundational patent for Analogue FM radio transmissions was granted, marking a revolutionary moment in the history of broadcasting technology.

This innovation, designed as a successor to AM (amplitude modulation), laid the groundwork for what would become a cornerstone of modern communication.

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The Distinct Advantages of FM Technology

The brainchild of this breakthrough, celebrated today by Marco Rossignoli, coordinator of Aeranti-Corallo in Italy, immediately distinguished itself from its predecessor.

Unlike AM transmissions, FM technology proved highly efficient in minimizing the noise generated by vacuum tubes in receivers.

Moreover, its superior sound dynamics significantly enhanced the quality of musical broadcasts, captivating audiences worldwide.

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FM Radio: A Growing Global Phenomenon

The impact of FM radio has only soared over the years.

According to a study by Verified Market Research titled "FM Radio Market Size and Forecast," the global value of Frequency Modulation radio stood at a staggering $267.71 billion in 2019.

Projections indicate a continued upward trajectory, with an estimated value of $458.09 billion by 2027.

Balancing Tradition with Innovation in Radio Broadcasting

In light of these figures, Marco Rossignoli, representing approximately 450 Italian local FM radio stations through Aeranti-Corallo, emphasized the enduring significance of FM technology in the realm of radio listening.

He expressed a viewpoint that while digital transmissions such as DAB+ and IP hold substantial importance in the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, they shouldn't aim to supplant FM transmissions outright.

A Vision for Harmonizing Analog and Digital Platforms

Rossignoli underscored the belief that these emerging digital technologies should complement and bolster FM broadcasts, nurturing an environment conducive to radio listening with innovative offerings.

His perspective envisioned a symbiotic relationship between traditional FM and emerging digital platforms, fostering a rich landscape for radio content and engagement.

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