National Chain Has Closed Its Doors in Great Falls

When it comes to staying in the know, I am extremely thankful for my wife.  Otherwise, I probably would not have known about this for another week or more.  Perhaps it was the holidays that have me messed up and not paying attention.

Great Falls has lost another national chain restaurant, in an area that seems to be doomed when it comes to featuring eateries that we want in the city.

Black Bear Diner Suddenly Closed Its Doors Right Before Christmas

In a surprise announcement on their local Facebook page, Black Bear Diner has officially closed in Great Falls as of December 20th.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The official statement was a bit of a letdown as well:

We're saddened to let you know our Great Falls location served its last pancake, effective at close of business 12/20/23. Consider hopping over to any of our 156 other locations across 13 states.

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Hey!  I Was Just There and Bought a Gift Card!

Many comments on the posting were of course lamenting losing another great place to have a meal in our city.  But there was also something pretty disturbing about some of the posts.

Many local people stated that they had purchased gift cards for the business for the holidays to give as presents.  They were even able to purchase them up until the close of business.  Without any mention of the place being closed.  Yikes!

If you did purchase a gift card and would like to find out if a refund is possible, or where to use your gift card, you can check the official Black Bear Diner website here.

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