Growing up in small town America, there are certain things you take for granted when it comes to safety or things going missing suddenly.  The thought of someone stealing from a neighbor was never a conversation that I heard growing up.  Sure, there were the occasional stories of someone with problems, but it generally lent itself to an out of town person thinking they would get the drop on an unsuspecting rancher.  I'm surprised that there weren't more stories of "shoot, shovel and shut up" honestly.

We took for granted that if you left something behind, it would be there when we returned.  We never thought twice about leaving items in our vehicles that might lead to bigger problems down the road.  Not just that you wouldn't have a certain item anymore that might be irreplaceable, but also that of the big one in our digital society; identity theft.

Strangely Enough, These Are Common Items That We Have All Left Behind

It really seems like nothing is safe anymore to leave behind, anywhere.  On our porches, in our yards, the back bed of a pickup truck and especially anything left inside of a vehicle.  But what are the main targets some of those thieves are looking for?  Everyday items are easy targets: sunglasses, sports equipment or tools are always items that will bring attention.  These next 10 items will be the ones that bring the big dollars for thieves.  Have you ever been robbed of any of these?  Let us know in the comments, use our downloadable app below or email me here with your thoughts.

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10 Items You Should Never Leave In Your Vehicle - Thieves Love These Items

We've all been guilty a time or two of leaving one or more of these items behind in our vehicles. However, thieves love these particular items for the ease of making some major cash down the road. Find out which items make the cut in our list below.

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