Now in days we have more information at our finger tips than we know what to do with.  Between Youtube and Pintress alone, there is no excuse for my Jack-O-Lantern to come out with two triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and crooked mouth....every single year.  But that is what I like.

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing those pumpkins that you know someone has spent hours on creating, and looks like a piece of art.  Painted Pumpkins are cool, pumpkins with the skin etched is cool, and pumpkins that have been bedazzled are cool too.  But are we getting out of hand?  Everything doesn't have to be a DIY project.

Carving pumpkins (the old fashioned way) is all about making a mess.  A really big mess.  It's about laying out the news papers and cutting a hole on the top and then reaching in and pulling out the seeds and all the slimly guts.  It's about the kids having pumpkin juice up to their shoulders and having to use a toothpick to hold the little round eye in place that accidently got cut off.  Then it's about baking those pumpkin seeds and enjoying the fruit of your labor.  Not a fan of pumpkin seeds?  Check out this article from Good Housekeeping, 44 Easy Pumpkin Recipes to Make This Fall — Best Pumpkin Recipes (  Be sure to check out #6 of 44....Pumpkin Martini's!

Again, I'm not judging.  Keep those beautiful pumpkins coming.

Maybe I am not quite "with the times" or my pumpkin carving days were before the "new times", I'm still "old school" when it comes to carving my Halloween pumpkin.

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