Upon hitting the streets in any given city, the chance of seeing someone traveling with a pet is pretty common.  Happily running from window to window, or sitting on their owner's lap, explaining the finer aspects of the way the vehicle operates and exactly how you just missed that turn to the dog park.  Ever wonder if it is legal?

Is It Really Breaking The Law If Everyone Does It?

Now hold on!  Don't start penning a letter that I am a non-furbaby type of person!  Exactly the opposite.  Our pets travel with us on every excursion we take, unless it is just a quick trip to the store and back.  But there are rules in our vehicles!  No pets up front to distract the driver while trying to navigate the back roads or highways across our state.  However, there are instances where you may see someone with a dog in the lap while cruising the boulevard.  While it may not be safe, for either the dog or for you, it isn't illegal to travel this way.

Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should!

Even though there are specific laws across the country and from state to state regarding animal and pet abuse, Hawaii is the only state with a specific law stating that you must not drive in this manner.  There are some states that do require your pets to be crated if they are going to be in the rear of a pickup truck, but for the most part, it's a free for all out there.  Perhaps a revisit with our legislators regarding both human and pet safety in our vehicles has come to pass and new laws may need to be enacted.

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