Age is only a number.  At least that is what pretty much every piece of exercise equipment or advertisement for a health spa or food place will tell you.  In some cases, it is true.  In some cases, it will try to kill you also.

Being health-minded isn't easy.  Trying to keep up with life in general and then trying to get to the gym to workout can be more trouble than what it is worth.

I'm not against it, but when the equipment starts to fight back, well, it causes me some concern.

With So Many Gadgets, Planners, Advisors and More, It Should Be Easy

Technology has been working out if you haven't noticed as of late.  Whether you choose to run a marathon in your house with a group of people on the monitor in front of you, do Zumba classes online, ride a bike or just keep track with your watch and your phone, it can be relatively easy to keep track of your daily needs for exercise.  But you also need to take care of that equipment, or it could be doing more harm than good to you.

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How Often Do You Clean This Piece of Common Equipment for Your Health?

One of the cooler items to keep track of your health is that of the Apple watch or maybe a FitBit.  Both great ways to monitor your health daily, monthly and more.  But are you cleaning it?

The Florida Atlantic University did a recent study that found that those watches can carry harmful level of bacteria.  In fact, that bacteria can lead to fever, diarrhea, pneumonia, even weakened immune systems.  However, if you are using a gold or silver wristband, you were less likely to have these harsh bacteria gathering on your wrist.

So, the conclusion?  Wash your stuff everyone.  Keeping the band of your watch clean is just as important as keeping the weightlifting equipment clean at the gym.

Take care of it, it will take care of you.  Good luck on your healthy lifestyle!

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