Every state has its challenges regarding obesity, but it looks like all those outdoor activities in the Treasure State may be paying off.

Obesity has become increasingly prevalent in the United States, with over seven in 10 adults aged 20 and older classified as either or obese, according to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While rates are lower among children and adolescents, they have experienced a significant rise in the past few decades.

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This surge in obesity has given rise to a massive weight-loss and diet control industry, valued at a staggering $75 billion, with the annual cost to the health care system reaching $173 billion.

The Physical Activity Council's recent findings indicate a pressing need for more aggressive efforts to address the issue. In 2022, a concerning 68.6 million Americans aged 6 and older were entirely inactive, contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Factors such as genetics, emotional instability, and sleeplessness also play a role in the prevalence of obesity, but lack of physical activity remains a primary culprit.

Notably, the severity of the problem varies across states.

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To identify regions where obesity and overweight are most pervasive, WalletHub analyzed 31 key metrics across the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

These metrics ranged from the percentage of the population classified as obese or overweight to the consumption of sugary beverages among adolescents and the associated healthcare costs.

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Source: WalletHub

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