How To Keep Your Montana Hummingbird Happy

A few years ago, my wife and I thought that since we had several different varieties of birds in our yard, perhaps hummingbirds might find our area enticing.  After heading to the store for supplies, we set up our feeder and waited.


And waited.  Then we waited some more.  I don't think we ever saw one over the entire summer that we attempted to draw them to the feeder in our tree.  We finally gave up on them and haven't tried since.  But I may have stumbled on the reasons why we didn't have them.

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Using Nectar to Lure Hummingbirds to Your Montana Backyard

Unless you have a full-blown nursery like your favorite flower shop, you might not have enough of them to lure these creatures to your yard.  Generally, that means using a pre-made nectar available at your local store.

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You can also make your own, and that might be where I went wrong.  There is a specific recipe to concoct the juice that these birds love and crave.  And if you are a newbie at it like me, you could be mixing something that isn't healthy for the hummingbird.

Proper Mixing for your Montana Hummingbird Feeder This Summer

If you choose to mix up your own nectar for these hungry feathered friends, the recipe is quite simple.


Other hints and tips offered by House Digest include:

  • never use red dye in your nectar mixture
  • avoid other sweeteners besides granulated sugar
  • change out nectar every 2-3 days to avoid mold developing
  • clean your feeder thoroughly each time you refill it



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