Being Respectful on The Road in Montana for a Funeral

Traffic laws across the country can vary state by state, but for most of the basic of motor vehicle laws, they are generally the same.  And, you probably haven't glanced over a driver's test manual is a few years to refreshen your knowledge.


However, there is one law that is pretty much universal across all states.  The law governing how you should proceed when encountering a funeral procession while on the roadway.

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Montana One of Five States That Has This Specific Law on the Books

Montana and four other states (Idaho, Arizona, Kentucky and North Dakota) have laws that are specific to how a funeral procession travels.  According to Montana Code Annotated 61-8-382, funeral processions take precedence in traffic, except for law enforcement or emergency vehicles.

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It means that yes, they are allowed to travel in a single file down the street, and do not need to heed to traffic lights.  There are also a few rules for drivers that are approaching or encountering a procession.

Show Respect on Your Montana Roadway for Grieving Families

In the hustle and bustle of today's world, encountering a funeral procession can be inconvenient, even stressful if you have an appointment.  However, you shouldn't shun the respect deserved to the individual in the long black car.

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If you see a procession approaching, pull to the side of the road and allow it to pass if safe to do so.  Don't cut into the procession to make your turn off, wait until it has passed and pull behind.  Allowing the procession to fully proceed through lights is also important.  Don't break up the line.

What To Do if You Encounter a Funeral Procession On the Road.

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