How To Keep House Flies at Bay in Your Montana Home

It didn't take much heat to bring them out already.  No, not the mosquitos or the ticks or the rattlesnakes.  That pesky buzzer that comes around your home, landing on things, leaving spots on your windows and just generally annoying you.


The common house fly is everywhere it seems, including making their way into our homes.  Or at least mine in the last couple of weeks.  Have you started to notice more of them around in your home?

An Ounce of Prevention Equals More Than a Pound in Montana

Prevention, or even preparation for the onslaught of these bugs is the key to keeping them from invading your home.  The smallest of cracks will allow them to enter.  So, shoring up screens on your windows or the screen door is important.

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Taking away any food source they may find appetizing will also help.  Even though you like the fruit display on the table or counter, it is simply a beacon for these guys to find a way to get to it.

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Other Ideas to Keep Bugs at Bay in Montana

Other great tips offered by AZ Animals included specific flowers that will help keep flies away.  Scents like lavender, catnip and marigold are effective at deterring pests in your yard.

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You an even try a mixture of vinegar and dish soap in a bowl with a plastic covering with holes.  Flies are attracted to it and the soap will weigh the legs so they can't fly away.  What other home remedies have you used that work?

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