When it comes to Montana, we have many ways to learn of our heritage as a state, our culture before becoming part of the Union, even learning about some of the first inhabitants of our great state.

Finding a museum featuring many of the items and collectibles of the past is easy.  Just check any town across the Big Sky and they probably have a heritage building featuring local and state memorabilia, artifacts and more.

But what about actually experiencing that actual history and culture?  With this event, you'll be able to immerse yourself in more than just seeing something behind a piece of protective glass.

The Story of the Little Shell Tribe of The Chippewa Indians in Great Falls

The Little Shell Tribe has only recently received Federal recognition as of 2019, but Montana has recognized them for years.  According to their website:

The Little Shell Band of Chippewa Indians are part of the historical Pembina Band of Chippewa Indians, first recorded by European settlers in documents of the Hudson’s Bay Company, Fort Garry in the early 18th century. These logs and diaries show the Ojibwa held approximately 63 million acres of land throughout what is now South DakotaNorth Dakota and Canada.

While many of the Pembina Band would enter into a treaty with the U.S. in 1863, the Little Shell Tribe of the Chippewa Indians refused, and spread to parts of Canada in Alberta and Saskatchewan, eventually returning back to Montana.

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How To Attend the Little Shell Tribe Pow Wow Coming to Great Falls

Coming on August 26th and 27th in Great Falls, you can attend the Little Shell Elders and Veterans Pow Wow.  The event will be held at the University of Providence campus.

Each day, spectators will be treated to amazing culture, dance, art and more.  Included in the event will be drumming, dancing and traditional dress, crafts, children's activities, displays, exhibitions and native food.

The event is free and open to the public.

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