Normally this discussion would be a little later in the spring/summer about our children being out of school and doing what kids do when it is summertime.  But instead, we are talking about a different kind of young, adolescent type that often doesn't pay attention to rules or laws when it comes to being a good child.  It's time to start paying attention in our city on on our streets for those furry yellow little critters.  It's time for the gosling hatches to be out and about, and they certainly aren't paying attention.

JD Knite
JD Knite

Keeping An Eye Out in Certain Areas of Great Falls

Across the Electric City, there are several locations that seem to be the major locations of many of our geese and goslings.  Naturally, water will play a large role in where these birds decide to make their home and nest in order to hatch in the spring.  With a river running directly through us, it's easy to find these anywhere we have a road going by.  Certain locations such as River Drive along the Riverside Park is a major location for them.  Take extra care as you head out for a lunch break or just a Sunday drive.

You can also find them on our golf courses across the city as well.  Remember, taunting or teasing wildlife, even within city limits is against the law.  So, trying to chase them down with a golf cart is a no-no!  Please be safe travelling over the next few weeks as these goslings get things figured out, just like our own children out there once school turns them loose.

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