Have You Ever Seen A PIF Charge in Great Falls?

After a long, hard day of trudging up and down aisles looking for deals on groceries, clothing, home items and a refreshing beverage, you probably haul those items in bags inside, and forget about the total that you just spent.


But how often do you check your receipt after your purchase and have left the store?  Or maybe you even checked it at the store and noticed something on it?  A charge of some sort?

Is This Just Another Way to Tax Us with A PIF?

As of yet, only one state in the Union is using a Public Improvement Fee, that being Colorado.  A 1% fee is added at certain businesses.  Notice the wording of a "1% fee" in that.  It isn't a tax.  Those fees go directly to the business or entity that owns the property.


The monies collected are generally used for upkeep to the shopping retailer or center.  Fixing sidewalks, trash cans, snow removal, replacing of trees, etc.  And while many are local businesses that are charging the fee, one major retailer is also taking note and jumping on the bandwagon.

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If It Works There, How Soon Before Large Scale Retailers Get Going

While only at this time in Colorado, could it be something that will expand to other states?  Retailers such as Target are taking advantage at their locations in the state, so how long before large scale outfits start to make noise with other locations?


What do you think about a PIF fee?  Would you stop patronizing a business if they were to instill this fee?  Let us know in the comments of our social media, through our appchat feature or you can email us here.

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