Living In Great Falls Comes With High Risks In The Event Of A Nuclear Attack.

Sure, I have been told that if there ever was a nuclear war, Great Falls would be a target.  But really?  Yes!  Really.  Yes, it is Montana.  Why would we have to worry about being a target during a nuclear way.  There are much bigger cities that seem to be more technologically advanced than some po dunk town in Montana filled with a bunch of hicks minding their own business doing a bunch of Montana stuff.

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I get it, Malmstrom Air Force Base.  The Daily Mail recently published an article "How Would Your City Fare in a Nuclear Attack?", and of course Great Falls made the list.  Montana was even stated to be a "nuclear sponge" with all our hidden missile silos and launch facilities.  The cherry on the cake is that Great Falls is apparently one of three facilities that maintains nuclear missiles in the US.  ONE of THREE.

If that doesn't freak you out a bit, Great Falls was also ranked 14th worst in evacuations.  That is scary.  Maybe something that can be addressed now, and better prepared if there is ever a nuclear war.  Hopefully nothing like this will ever happen, but I'm a firm believer on being prepared.  You know the saying.

By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

There you go, another confirmation on Great Falls being targeted in a nuclear war.  Just something else you have to worry about these days.  What is scarier, being a nuclear target or living on the World's largest Super Volcano that could go off at any time, wiping out our entire State?  That is another story.

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