Did You Know Great Falls Has a Government Access Channel

In political terms, the word "transparency" is commonly used by candidates or incumbents as they hit the campaign trail.  And it should be used.  Knowing what is happening within our city, county, state and federal offices should be commonplace.


In Great Falls, there are times that it may seem or feel like things are happening behind a closed door.  Sometimes they are.  But there are also cameras that are behind those doors, and you have the opportunity to see inside.

Promoting a More Informed Citizenry in Great Falls

For Great Falls, City-190 is designated as a government access channel on cable channel 190 and is operated by the city clerk for day-to-day activities.

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According to the City of Great Falls website, "The mission of City-190 is to promote a more informed citizenry by offering a greater opportunity for individuals to view government meetings; provide the citizens of Great Falls with valuable government information and increase community awareness of important City issues; and provide useful information to general and specialized audiences via the community reader board."

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City-190 In Great Falls Also Has a Reader Board to View

To accompany the City-190 cable channel in Great Falls, there is also access to the City-190 Reader Board.  This board is offered as a free public service to promote community calendar information and public service announcements to the citizens of Great Falls.

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The website says "The Community Reader board is displayed on channel 190 in and around the Great Falls area to homes that subscribe to Charter Communications TV service. Text is displayed throughout the day, 7 days a week, during all non-program (recorded or live) playback hours."  To request an announcement, submit your information via the link here.

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