Law enforcement agencies in Central Montana use Crimestoppers to help with locating and making sure those who should be behind bars are behind bars.  Every little bit counts, or I should say, every little tip counts.

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There are three different ways in being a tipster.  You can use the P3 Tips App, the P3 website, or call the Tips Hotline.  Once you reach out in one of the three ways listed above, you will "submit a tip", and then you will receive a tip identification.  If the tip you submit is helpful in the arrest of a suspect, the "Tipster" will be notified of their cash reward and how to receive that reward.  Tipsters can be eligible for up to a cash reward up to $1,000.

Crime Stoppers is a Non Profit organization, that is funded by community contributors, no City or County tax dollars help fund them.  Crimestoppers is run by a six person Board of Directors, here in Cascade County.  Crimestoppers allows for anyone to anonymously provide tips and have the ability to be rewarded for that information.

Here are the most wanted for December of 2023.  If you have any information on anyone on this list please reach out to Great Falls Crimestoppers or by calling GFPD.  Crimestoppers number is 406-727-TIPS and GFPD is 406-455-8599.

Great Falls & Cascade County December 2023 Most Wanted

Become a Tipster today with Crimestoppers.

Gallery Credit: Bejay Lindseth

Great Falls & Cascade County November 2023 Most Wanted. Become a Tipster with Crimestoppers.

Great Falls & Cascade County November 2023 Most Wanted. Become a Tipster with Crimestoppers. 

Gallery Credit: Bejay Lindseth

Most Wanted Arrests For October In Cascade County.

Crimestoppers October Arrests.

Gallery Credit: Bejay Lindseth

Great Falls & Cascade County September 2023 Most Wanted

Become a Tipster and help the Great Falls Police Department Capture These Most Wanted For September of 2023.

Gallery Credit: Bejay Lindseth

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